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The choices we make based on the goals of our creative expressions, are based from two main intentions. Love and Fear. I challenge you to chose Love over Fear, every single time. This will make all the difference.

Christina Choo


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The business world is in transition and looking for new ways to navigate the road ahead. Creativity is the key to the future and the contribution of the creative community is more vital than ever before. Cocreater serves this community by bringing together creative individuals, companies and clients on one convenient app. Creating a bridge between buyers and sellers.

  • Showcase creative portfolios: social proofing: a platform for creative product.
  • Networking between buyers and sellers via a private chat portal.
  • Job matching – companies can find the best employees – freelancers can connect with potential clients.

Looking To Hire A Creative?

Work with the talented, creative pool of professionals and get things done. From Graphic Designers to Videographers, we have someone to fit your needs for every project.

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