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We have been blessed in the masterful environmental design by our government to create green spaces throughout our urban living environment. Creating pockets of wildlife right next to our local urban environments, allowing for wildlife to thrive and coexist with us. Topics like urban farming, wildlife and marine life is all around us. We are blessed with the ability to now use technology to allow for youths to get close, understand and empathise about our wildlife and nature. Understanding the old adage, out of sight out of mind, use your creativity to film videos to engage with the average audience and help people bring back the love and wonder for nature, or inspire action taking to go back to nature or bring a little bit of it into their lives, and introduce vertical farming or including bits of green gardens into our homes and neighbourhoods. The more we feel at one with nature, the more we will start to empathise with it, feel at one with it and understand the need to care for it, so it can care for us for generations to come.


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